Do you wear gloves while eating crawfish?

It's actually a thing

Dave Cohen, WWL First News early edition
April 19, 2017 - 8:14 am

Why are people wearing gloves while eating crawfish?

Is this a new trend?  I had never seen it before this year... people wearing gloves while peeling and eating crawfish at a crawfish boil.

However, in the past few weeks several people have reported seeing gloved individuals at mudbug boils.  First my daughter spotted it and sent me a picture. (Note: the identities of the gloved crawfish eaters have been concealed for their own protection.)  Then WWL's Steve Geller and Jim Hanzo told me they saw it at different boils.  Then a picture someone posted to Facebook showed people peeling with gloves on.

On one level I get it.  People may have cuts on their hands, have somewhere to go right after the boil, wear contact lenses and want to avoid the intense pain of crab boil in the eye... but on every other level, I think it's a bit silly and clinical.

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Why are people wearing gloves while eating crawfish?

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We asked listeners during the Early Edition of WWL First News to react to this.  Here is a sampling of text messages they sent to 870870...

The Next thing your going to tell me is people are asking for melted butter to go with their crawfish 
They are not a true CAJUN if they wear gloves to eat crawfish 
Hey Dave put the people eating crawfish with gloves on in the what's wrong with people file 
We don't need gloves eating crawfish down here in Chackbay Louisiana we straight up Cajun coonass and The ones that do use gloves need to stop LOL 
I saw some women using gloves at a restaurant eating crawfish. We laughed at them. 
Funny looks? Those people should be slapped 
I went to the nail salon and the lady said if going to eat crawfish, where gloves it will save the Nails 
Restaurant's like Don's Seafood offers gloves when you order crayfish 
My mom has a skin condition with dry and cracked hands. She has worn gloves before and got strange looks from our Coonass family and friends. 
I have plenty dr. Friends that cannot have any cuts on their hands due to Patient Care that wear gloves while eating Seafood 
One lady did have gloves on out of 60 people eating crawfish 
Gloves? Yankees.... north of I-12 
It's like taking a shower with a rain coat 
People are turning in to a bunch of wimps 
Gloves? They must all be from North of I-10 
My Wife wears gloves so I don't get on the baby 
The gloves wearers should be banished from the state 
My wife never used to wear gloves when eating crawfish but after giving birth to our first child she developed an allergic reaction to her hands if she touched crawfish barehanded
My wife started this 8 years ago after getting a manicure and not wanting to mess it up. I've even seen latex gloves for sale with decorative crawfish print on them now
Who ever heard of "glove eating good"?
People are turning in to a bunch of wimps
Do u use gloves to wipe your a** that is what soap is for
Also sounds like fake news
Note to the wise: the purple gloves are not latex, but are a material known as nitrile. These gloves are generally not food grade.
Sounds like a Yankee trend
I'm 69 years old and have been eating crawfish all my life. I've never seen anyone eating crawfish with gloves. What the hell is this world coming to?
GLOVES? "We don't need no stink in' Gloves"!
Contact lenses! cayenne pepper in eyes
Wouldn't those gloves make the crawfish taste funny?
You'll loose your man card if you wear gloves to eat crawfish
In Texas they wear gloves because they do not put the seasoning on the crawfish until after they have boiled they sprinkle cayenne pepper on top of the crawfish for spices which intern they have to wear gloves
My wife wearing dont like the smell
Purple is mechanic gloves and they are a little thicker than other latex gloves.
I sometimes wear gloves because after eating crawfish and I take my contact lenses out it's like putting pepper spray directly in my eyes
I hope you don't take this the wrong to but they must be a Yankee sorry
We are just tired of the smell it leaves in our fingers
My uncle is a firefighter/emt and he showed us this cause when they eat crawfish at the station and get called they have clean hands
Wear surgical gloves to eat barbecued ribs no mess
Well if you're going to wear gloves they might as well be purple
Purple gloves have no powder on them and they fit really well.
I wore gloves when my child was s baby in case I had to go tend to her
Gloves are for snowflakes
Rich wussy's wear gloves
Gloves???? What is wrong with people lol
Crawfish gloves should come with an apron or scrubs.
People are becoming pu**ies
Snowflake alert


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