Do snake saving cops go in the What is WRONG with People!?! File?


A pair of police officers are getting praise and criticism for their snake saving efforts.

"For two officers in Roanoke, Virginia, the oath of protecting and serving their community extended to a snake that needed help crossing a busy street," CBS reported.

A video posted to the Internet showed the policemen stopping traffic for a snake slowly slithering across a road.  It took "several minutes" for the snake to make it to safety.

We asked listeners to the Early Edition of WWL First News from 5:00am to 6:00am if they thought the cops should be commended for saving the snake or put into the What is WRONG with People!?! File for delaying drivers.  Here is what they texted to 870870:

  • They were just showing the snake professional courtesy
  • Yeesssss
  • Stopping traffic for a snake?..what's next?..stopping traffic to do an autopsy on a raccoon hit by a car?
  • A stinking snake really...
  • Dang on yankees .... Dat snake would be in a cast iron skillet with some rice on da stove .... Mais yeah sha
  • Way to go cops
  • The only good snake is a run over snake
  • Stopping traffic for a snake,wow! What next,stopping planes for a blue jay!
  • I believe in respecting anything that is living. Kudos to the cops!
  • They let a lot of other snakes go
  • Snakes have a valuable place in the ecosystem. Just like any other animals. I have a small farm. I leave snakes alone unless if it's poisonous near my house
  • Snake??? Me??? It's Graveyard Dead!!!!!!
  • Would have been quicker to try to run the snake over cuz then that dude would have been scootin out the way
  • Hey probably avoided an accident. Women will not hit any animal when a man will usually run right over it
  • the cops did what they were supposed to do people swerve to avoid hitting an animal no matter what animal it is there for the safety of everyone around was involved good job policeman
  • Dude. Snake lives matter

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Roanoke PD used the opportunity to remind the public of laws protecting snakes in VA.

"It’s illegal in Virginia to kill or relocate snakes unless they’re an immediate danger to people," according to a Facebook post.

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