Did the Dallas Cowboys cheat to beat the New Orleans Saints?

'Headset Guy' is getting a lot of attention on the web

Dave Cohen, WWL First News early edition
November 30, 2018 - 3:31 pm

At times during the Saints - Cowboys game it almost felt like the Dallas D knew the plays the Saints were about to run.

Did they?

Well the Twittersphere is abuzz with people claiming Dallas was cheating when they beat the Saints 13 - 10 on Thursday Night Football.  The conspiracy theorists have even provided images of a mystery man standing near Saints Coach Sean Payton as evidence of their suspicions.

You can see the man wearing a Cowboys polo and a headset, holding a cell phone.  Is he intercepting the Saints play calls and communicating them across the field to the Dallas sideline?

"NO!" says WWL Sport Director Kristian Garic.

He says league sources confirm that the man in question is a member of the Cowboys staff.

"He is a member of the game day entertainment staff," Garic said he learned.  "He does not stand in the team bench area."

Wait, if that's the case what was he doing right behind Sean Payton?

"Sean Payton can roam all the way down the sideline," Garic explained.  

He says the man was only near Payton when the coach walked to the area where the man was already standing.

Listen to more with Kristian Garic:

Both the Saints and Cowboys are aware of the controversy and while there have been internal communications about the situation, there is no indication the Saints believe the man was a spy.

His job is to communicate with the network TV officials and let the video board operators know when a TV break is going to end.


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