Dave: Little sizzle in mayor's race, but chance to get real answers


Qualifying has closed in the race for mayor of New Orleans.  

The field of candidates includes a handful of experienced politicians, but none that are well know names among average voters.

There is no real sizzle in this race.

The early front runners are (in alphabetical order) Michael Bagneris, LaToya Cantrell and Desiree M. Charbonnet.  They have all mounted successful campaigns in the past, but again, are not politicians that most voters really know anything about.

If there is one, the dark horse would be Troy Henry.

He finished a distance second to Mitch Landrieu in 2010.

The upside to a relatively small field of lesser-known candidates is that it will force the hopefuls to send clear and well defined messages to the voters.

We will have a real opportunity to press candidates for specific ideas and positions.  They must spend significant time introducing themselves to the public and laying out their plans on a wide variety of important issues.

Instead of a series of sound bites and slogans, we must get the candidates to give us thought out plans that actually have an expectation of working.

The downside is that many voters may not be excited enough about the race to take the time to get to know the hopefuls.

Either way, it will fly by.  The primary is October 14th.

The most intriguing story line now is the prospect of New Orleans having its first woman as mayor.

Both Cantrell and Charbonet have an opportunity to make a serious run at making that happen.

One near certainty is that the next mayor of New Orleans will be a black Democrat.  That describes all of the leading candidates.  They only way that doesn't happen is if businessman Frank Scurlock, a white Democrat, can carve out a suprising nitch and edge into the runoff... and then surge before the November showdown.

Here is a look at the full field:

Thomas J. Albert Jr.
Charles Anderson
Michael Bagneris
Manny "Chevrolet" Bruno
Edward "Ed" Bruski
LaToya Cantrell
Desiree M. Charbonnet
Byron Stephan Cole
Edward Collins Sr.
Brandon Dorrington
Troy Henry
Matthew Hill
Derrick O'Brien Martin
Frank Scurlock
Johnese Smith
Patrick Van Hoorebeek
Tommie A. Vassel
Hashim Walters


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