Charleston is better than New Orleans?


Another list of best destination in the US is out, and once again Charleston comes in at number one and New Orleans at number two.

This time, it's Travel and Leisure making the rankings.

I have never been to Charleston, so I wanted to know what makes it so great. While our Louisiana based audience may be partial to New Orleans, I posed the question to our WWL listeners during the Early Edition of WWL First News from 5:00am to 6:00am.

While there were lots of comments texted to 870870, the resounding reasons that Charleston beats New Orleans included cleanliness and safety.  The fact that there are beaches in Charleston seemed to help too.  Many people raved about the charm, culture and even the food in Charleston.

That all having been said, it seemed agreed that Charleston can't match New Orleans for night life, festivals and the 'let the good times roll' kind of approach to life.

Here are some of the texts people sent us... 

  • I love Charleston. The food is great and the downtown area is super clean It's like a clean New Orleans
  • Charleston is clean. It doesn't stink and it's safe!
  • Charlston is safe because it's boring
  • Charlston is clean. New Orleans is a dump filled with trash.
  • Charleston sucks
  • Travel surveys are coo-coo! The food in Charleston CAN'T be better than N.O.. N.O. is 300 years full of awerome history and culture! Love da place!
  • Charleston is better because its cleaner and less corrupt as New Orleans
  • I love. N.O. .but i lived there (in Charleston) for 1.5 years real southern charm,clean,no crime and she crab soup -to die for!
  • 2 things Nola has that Charleston had much less of: 1. Crime 2. Lack of cleanliness
  • Been there once. It was cute and clean. But does NOT have the TRUE GRIT like New Orleans does!!!!
  • Charleston is a wonderful quiet city, where the locals go out of their way to show hospitality if you are in need of tourist assistance. Great small restaurants with diverse food types; vintage New Orleans style. Great bed and breakfast offerings. I thoroughly enjoy my visits there. But Nola is home to any city. I love my hometown.
  • Having never visited Charleston, I have been through South Carolina. It's a cool state with nice people. Still, New Orleans has a character unparalleled
  • I moved here from Charleston. Love my hometown. Nice beaches, great food and a huge new craft beer scene. However, now that I'm here, I don't think I could ever move back.
  • It's a whole lot cleaner
  • It's because they have a beaches Dave. If we build a beach we become number 1 on the list. But they can't do what we do Dave. We make people feel like they are at home. When they visit us.
  • Charleston probably doesn't have the crime rate of NOLA
  • Crime rate keeps tourist away
  • Had always wanted to see Charleston as had seen great pics in magazines. Went for first time te years ago and was so Disappointed. The food was very expensive many of the restaurants if you wanted to go to rooftop dining you had to pay a fee in addition to the food fee to have the privilege to eat there. I will give it that the view by the ocean was pretty but I was highly disappointed
  • Give it a few years. If we keep doing nothing about coastal erosion, New Orleans will have all the beachfront property it can handle
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