Are you betraying the Saints if you watch the Super Bowl?

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Dave Cohen, WWL First News early edition
January 28, 2019 - 10:50 am

One listener texted us today to say, "If you are a true Saints Fan, you will boycott the Super Bowl !!!"

Some are calling it the Stupid Bowl, the Faux Bowl, the BS Bowl, the Toilet Bowl, the Boycott Bowl, the Tainted Bowl, the Duper Bowl, the Stolen Bowl, the Unsuper Bowl,  the Pooper Bowl, the Crooked Bowl, the Fake Bowl, the Cheater Bowl and other less than flattering names.

Whatever you call it, is it a sin against the Saints to watch it after the no-call that cost the Black and Gold a trip to the Super Bowl? 

I put that question to the audience.  Reaction was swift and strong.  More than 60% of those texting 870870 said they are not watching, and many agreed that if you do watch, you are not a true fan.  Others insisted people are lying and will be watching or said their loyalty to the Saints should not be called into question if they watch the game.

One listener said, "If you watch the Superbowl, then you agree with the NFL & the ,'no call.'"

"No way I'm watching that trash. Godell and the NFL can go jump in a half frozen lake," another said.

But, on the flip side, "How dare you decide my loyalty to the Saints bc I WILL be watching the sb. I'm just as disgusted as the next guy. we get wronged in life, move forward. I'm still a fan of football and a bleed blkngld. #Whodat4life."

Here are more responses from people not watching...

  • Don't watch it because you should lower the ratings so the NFL loses money
  • I didn't watch the pro bowl and I will not watch the Super Bowl
  • Hell with a superbowl, I'll be at the movies, I ain't celebrating shit
  • Not watching the toilet bowl
  • Hell. No its a faith
  • Might as well watch WWE
  • Saints got robbed, but I'm not watching the super bowl , refs were paid off
  • If we had one I was going to Atlanta. If we had gotten beaten and not robbed I would have watched on TV but we were robbed so I will have nothin to do with it
  • I am done with the NFL for this season. I might watch the Saints next year. Not sure yet!
  • True Dat
  • Yes don't watch. Need to stop next year too
  • Let's watch Puppy Bowl!!
  • Have been having A super bowl party for 42 years! Will have a party watching the SAINTS in the SB win
  • The stupidbowl not gonna watch it!!!
  • I don't even follow football any more and I agree that any Saints fan should not watch the Superbowl. Your agreeing with the No Call if you do.
  • Not watching the Crooked Bowl
  • I think a true Saints fan can go without watching the Super Bowl. Sacrifice one game to make a point with the other Saints fans.
  • Who dat Who dat Who dat say they gonna Cheat them Saints I'm not watching the cheater bowl
  • I hope to God all of Louisiana Boycott the Super Bowl for me and my family and friends we will definitely not watch the Super Bowl this year
  • Not watching sb but brady and beliceck need to watch out goodell will cheat them to due to his grudge against them
  • I'll be at the boycott bowl on Fulton Street. WHO DAT!!
  • Going to celebrate with the city. Going to celebrate with friends without watching the Super Bowl
  • Bought a set of golf clubs im done with the nfl screwing the saints
  • If you watch the dorkbowl, your a dorky fan
  • Not watching the Super Bowl! Or the fake a bowl
  • I'm not watching the Tainted Bowl
  • No, you are not a true fan if you watch the Duperbowl. The NFL can kiss my Black and Gold behind.
  • It's not for me to say who is a true Saints fan or not, but I won't be watching the Super Bowl.
  • I will NEVER watch another SuperBowl that does not include the Saints! EVER!!! Who Dat For Life!!!!!!!! ⚜️
  • You are 100% NOT a Saints fan if you watch this years SuperBowl!!!!
  • Yes I agree if you watch that game you are not a true who dat fan because you are agreeing to the calamity of that no call Find something else to do because I will. 
  • i think its more accurate to say if u watch the superbowl, ur not a saints FANATIC. i will be fanatically boycotting
  • I am NOT watching the super bowl, not even for the commercials! !! I am still too butt hurt
  • Not watching the Pooper Bowl or pre week festivities
  • Make sure you don't record it too and just watch it on nfl network the next day

These are texts from people who will watch or who say that watching doesn't mean that you are not a Saints fan...

  • LOVE my Saints but im watching the super bowl! Those folks saying they not watching is lyingggg!
  • I'm more of a saints fan that majority of these people out here. Time to get over it. I'm watching the super bowl
  • Just makes no sense to hold that pain just release it and live your life we got next year
  • I got over it you should too
  • Ask yourself this Does the NFL care if we don't watch the super bowl NO Most will watch even though they say they aren't
  • I've been a Saints fan since before Archie, Bum, the Cajun Cannon, bags, I even own a restaurant in North Dakota where I have a popular burger called The Who Dat and I will watch the Super Bowl for the commercials and to see the officiating but I don't care who wins Who Dat!
  • Last game for 6 months! Gotta watch, but who dat!
  • You can watch the SB and still be a saints fan, but you'll be a sucka
  • Our little not watching is not going to hurt NFL. Sad to say
  • True fans are ok, diehards will not be watching the toilet bowl
  • Guess I'm not a true Saints fan or a true Scotsman.
  • To be clear, I love the saints. I just know how to lose with class.
  • I want to see the Rams lose as the result of a penalty! Who DAT!!!!
  • Watch the super bowl and pull for the rams
  • I'm going to watch it..THOUGH I hate Tom Brady I want to see the Pats beat the breaks off the Rams. Proving the WRONG team made it to the Superbowl on a bad call. I hope it's so one sided folks turn it OFF
  • If you really want to get Goodells attention don't boycott the super Bowl, boycott the advertisers and let it be known you're doing it.
  • A true saints fan can't watch the super bowl? B.S stop being a baby! I'm a true saints fan and am very upset about the situation but what can you do? We
  • are complaining so much now that if we win the super bowl next year everyone on the outside will say the league set it up for us...and the reason I'm not watching the super bowl is I'm sick of seeing Patriots in it plus I hope the rams lose on a bad call see how they like it
  • Come people we are really going over board. Do we really think that saints fans not watching the superbowl will really gonna hurt the rating that much.
  • Watching the game is ok
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