Bobby Hebert at WWL Radio Draft Fest

Bobby Hebert previews the NFL Draft, think Saints will be wheeling & dealing

Bobby Hebert
April 26, 2018 - 6:44 pm

To me - the NFL Draft really kicks off the upcoming season.  The Draft has become an event in itself - now traveling to different NFL cities - it’s a must-see - must-listen to - primetime event for this football crazy nation!

When you look at the upcoming 2018 event ( considers (25) prospects with a (1st round grade)…and (15) others with a borderline (1st or 2nd) round grade… and (11) of those (1st round) players are either (QB’s) or (O-linemen), which from a New Orleans perspective, you would speculate is not an immediate need. 

Head Coach Sean Payton said, “I think the (front 7) you look closely at…then I think we’re in a position where you truly want to be taking the best graded player.  It may be in an area where you have depth, but that’s something that we won’t be afraid to do, whether its’s a (QB), (Guard), (WR) - you take him!

The Saints went on to draft (3) players with a 1st round grade last year--Marshon Lattimore at (#11), Ryan Ramczyk at (#32), who had a late teens grad…and Marcus Williams (42nd) overall.  Then, the organization also figured out how to attain Alvin Kamara, who had a high (2nd round grade) in the (3rd round).  These (4) players were the foundation of what proved to be a special rookie class for the “Who Dat Nation!”

Coach Payton went on to say the team will be prepared for plenty of possibilities; even with the (27th) pick in the 1st round…and not set to pick again until the ((91st) selection of the (3rd round). 

Payton said, “You really have to still grade the draft and put value on every one of these names coming out of college, regardless of whether you think you’re going to be in position to draft a particular player.” 

In looking at the (off season), Coach Payton said, improving the pass rush ranks high on the wish list; even with the Saints getting (42 sacks last season…and the (D-line) contributing (26), which was (7th) best in the league. 

Only the Panthers, who were (3rd) with (50)…and the Rams, who are (4th) with (48)…had more takedowns in the NFC.

When you look at the draft tonight scheduled to begin in about (1 hour)…that even though the Cleveland Browns, who have the (#1) overall pick, scored starting (QB) Tyrod Taylor from the Bills this off-season…They are still expected to select a (QB) overall at (#1)!  Gonna be interesting; there’s not enough quarterbacks. 

To show you how hard it is to find a quarterback to start in the NFL…let alone take you to a championship - the Browns next starting (QB) will be the team’s (29TH) since (1999).   And, consider this - last year’s rookie at Cleveland / Deshone Kizer led the NFL with (22) interceptions & went (0 & 15).  He didn’t even win a game.  Who wants those growing pains as a rookie starter? 

The big question - who will the Saints take in the (1st round)?  Or, will they “wheel & deal” and trade back, if a targeted player is not there at pick (27)?

Mike Mayock of the NFL Network says, “every year we have the same conversation about college (TE’s). “They’re only a few of them who will block, and then a bunch of them who are receivers.  Then, you have to figure out what scheme they fit best.” 

There are a boatload of (TE’s) in this draft, but (90%) of them are receivers only! 

I know one thing what (TE) would not want to be in Sean Payton’s scheme and represent the “Who Dat Nation!” 

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