Is the Saints’ back-up quarterback on the roster right now?

Bobby Hebert isn't so sure.

Bobby Hebert
July 30, 2018 - 10:21 am

Drew Brees is the obvious starter, of course; but after the departure of Chase Daniel, the #2 quarterback spot is up for grabs.  Taysom Hill, Tom Savage, and J.T. Barrett are trying to make their case in training camp.

Hill garnered some headlines after playing on special teams, even recording four tackles.

“Taysom Hill is not even on Tom Savage’s level.  He’s not accurate enough.  You know what’s going to happen?  Against Jacksonville or another preseason game, Hill will run for 40 yards; but it’ll be kind of undisciplined.  It’ll impress you, like ‘whoa.’”

Hebert cautioned, though, “But can you do this for a month or two months when they have film on you?  You better be able to make plays in the pocket and know where to go with the ball.”

So does the Cajun Cannon think Savage is the guy?

“All I know right now is that Tom Savage would give you a better chance to win over Taysom Hill.  He’s just more accurate.  I’m not saying he’s the answer; but to say Taysom Hill is beating him out, I haven’t seen that.”

To Hebert, the eventual back-up quarterback may not be on the team yet.

“I don’t know if that guy is on the roster.  The replacement for Drew Brees is not even here.”

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