Hebert: Saints beat Baltimore playing Ravens football

Hebert on Payton's aggressive playcalling, Drew’s protection, and Patrick Peterson

Bobby Hebert
October 22, 2018 - 2:41 pm

Bobby Hebert was pumped after the Saints 24-23 win over the Baltimore Ravens.  After having a little time to let everything sink in, here’s what the Cajun Cannon had to say.

  • One thing that stood out to me was the time of possession.  The Saints had the ball for 33:21.  They beat the Ravens at their own game.  Baltimore was third in the NFL in time of possession coming into the game.  Another thing was how aggressive Sean Payton was on fourth down.  The Saints were 4-5 on fourth down conversions.  Playing on the road at Baltimore, the Saints beat the Ravens playing Ravens football.
  • The Saints won in the trenches.  The Ravens couldn’t run the ball.  The Saints had the #1 rushing defense, and they showed it Sunday, giving up just 3.3 yards a carry.  The whole defensive line was impressive. 
  • The offensive line did an outstanding job as well.  Baltimore had the #1 pass-rushing defense.  They did an amazing job holding back the Ravens D-line…truth is - the offensive line has been outstanding all year.  They’ve given up just 9 sacks on the year and only 1 against the Ravens.  Drew Brees is the least sacked quarterback in the NFL since 2006.
  • That’s a combination of receivers getting open quick and Drew [Brees> getting rid of the ball, and those working hand in hand.  It doesn’t surprise me that only one other NFL team has allowed fewer sacks than the Saints.  That’s something they’ve been doing since 2006.
  • Dan Arnold had a couple of catches, and he led the team in yards per reception on Sunday.  We saw that in training camp.  We saw they wanted to utilize his pass-catching skills as a receiver.  His run-blocking leaves a lot to be desired; but as far as receiving ability, Arnold has shown it.
  • With Ted Ginn Jr. being out, we need Tre’Quan Smith and Cameron Meredith to step up.  Smith had 3 catches, and Drew targeted him 6 times.  There’s a great opportunity for them to take advantage of this situation.

Like Deuce McAllister, Hebert identified generating turnovers as a key area to improve on for the Saints (link to Deuce write up).

  • The Saints have got to take away the football.  They’re back to being -1 in the turnover margin.  The Saints have to get takeaways.  Drew Brees is protecting the ball.  He hasn’t thrown an interception in 7 straight games going back to last year in the regular season. 
  • They also have to be more consistent in the backend.  The secondary has to reduce the number of busts.  But I’m not worried about the offense.  It was strength vs. strength with the Saints offense against the Ravens defense, and the Saints won that battle.

The NFL trading deadline is next Tuesday.  There have been rumors about the Saints possibly pursuing a cornerback, and it’s something Mike Detillier thinks could happen (link to Detillier write up).  Monday afternoon Adam Schefter reported that Patrick Peterson continues to want a trade out of Arizona.

What does the Cajun Cannon think?

  • It obviously depends on what you give.  Everybody’s talking about Patrick Peterson, and I know Peterson still has something left in the tank.  If the Saints had Patrick Peterson and Marshon Lattimore, they would be in the conversation with the Rams for the best cornerback duo.  It would be kind of 1A and 1B. 
  • If the Saints did try to get Peterson, I think you could tell Saints fans that you’re trying to take advantage of having Drew Brees on the team and that you’re trying to win another Super Bowl.  I think fans would be okay with the sacrifice to try and win now while they have the window with Drew Brees whether it’s two, three, four years. 


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