Bobby Hebert: Saints loss to Cowboys was “humbling”

He says the offensive line got a Cowboys “butt-whooping”

November 30, 2018 - 7:17 pm

By: Jordan Fiegel

In the words of Bobby Hebert, the Dallas Cowboys “took it” to the New Orleans Saints.

“We’re so used to Drew carving up a defense. Dallas took it to our receivers. They took it to our offensive line. They got to Drew. We’re used to seeing excellent offensive football, and obviously that was not the case Thursday night.”

The Dallas defense did an excellent job bottling up the Saints high-octane offense, limiting the Saints to just 176 yards. New Orleans came in averaging over 37 points per game, but their 10 game winning streak ended after scoring just 10 points.

“The NFL is very humbling,” Hebert said. “You have to be ready to play every game; you can’t just show up. This just shows you the parity in the NFL. Dallas got challenged by their owner Jerry Jones that this game was their Super Bowl, and they stepped up.”

Hebert expressed a little surprise at just how effective the Cowboys defense was.

“I knew Dallas had a really good defense, but I didn’t know they were that good.” Hebert went on to discuss how the Saints offensive line kept getting beat by the Dallas defensive line. “I think that’s where the game was won and lost. The tone was set in the beginning.”

What was the end result, according to Hebert?

“That was a butt-whooping in the trenches.”

On the other side of the ball, the Saints defense generated two turnovers, a stat Hebert points out is key, and held the Cowboys to 13 points.

“If you had told me the Saints would hold Dallas to 13 points, I would’ve thought there was no way the Saints would lose,” Hebert said incredulously. Before the Cowboys game, the Saints had kept opponents to 13 points or less 33 times under Sean Payton. They had won all 33 of those games.

He did have one last note of encouragement for the Who Dat Nation.

“If you look for a silver lining, the Saints lost to the Cowboys in 2009 and still won the Super Bowl.”

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