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Drew Day II:  Northshore Fans flock to see #9

Drew Brees co-hosted Sports Talk with Deke & Bobby


They began lining up early in the morning and the crowd was nice and steady all day long.  When folks hear about #9 coming to town, they don’t miss a chance to see the Black and Gold QB.  “You know it’s always good to be on the Northshore,” said a smiling Drew Brees.

Drew Day part two was another big success as Saints QB Drew Brees joined Bobby and Deke for Sports Talk and took pictures with hundreds of fans at Jimmy Johns in Covington.  Drew spent over four hours co-hosting Sports Talk.  And he also took time to take selfies with many fans who came to see Brees.

“We’re getting ready for OTA’s.  I had a chance to meet some of the new players and I’m looking forward to getting to work on the 2017 season,” Brees said.   Bobby and Deke as well as the fans were able to talk to Drew about a variety of topics from the current state of the Saints to what is the best trip Drew has ever taken.

“I would have to say South Africa and Israel.  Brittany and I went to both of those places and just being able to learn more about the history of each of those places was something I will never forget.”  Of course Brees was his usual cheerful self.  And he’s eager to get to work on the upcoming season.

“This time of year is very important.  What we (Saints) do now has a big impact on the season.  We know as a team we have to put in a lot of work from installation to working on how to make things better.   It’s always good to be around you’re guys.”

Bobby and Deke went on to talk to Drew while Brees sat in as a co-host for Sports Talk for the first half of each hour.  And then Brees would go over to take pictures with fans for the rest of each of the four hours during the show.

You can listen to all of Drew Day Part II just by clocking below. 

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