LSU's Stephen Sullivan wants to get 'down and dirty' at the Senior Bowl

Former Tigers tight end looking to demonstrate skills as a blocker

Amos Morale III
January 21, 2020 - 8:12 pm

Stephen Sullivan’s hometown is just over an hour away from New Orleans. So, naturally, the former LSU tight end has heard a lot about potentially playing for the Saints since finishing his college career.  

“For sure,” he said with a laugh. “A lot of people want me to go there.” 

But the 6-foot-5, 242-pound prospect is willing to play wherever — and what ever an NFL team needs him too.

Most teams saw him fitting best at tight end on the next level. Sullivan has played a lot of wide receiver at LSU, finishing second on the team in receptions his junior year and lining up outside during the national championship run.

With that experience, the former Donaldsonville standout knows teams know he’s able to catch and can run so his goal this week at the Reese’s Senior Bowl was to show teams he’s able to handle the other aspect of the position.

“I’m just looking to show that I’m willing to block and I’m willing to stick my hand in the dirt and get down and dirty,” He said. “I feel like a lot of teams want to see that and it’s the only thing I really have to prove out here.” 

Sullivan said he was used mostly as a receiver when he played tight end for the Tigers but was used as a blocker in some situations. 

“Coach (Joe) Brady knew that I wasn’t the best blocker, he knew that it was my first time doing it,” he said. “And I can’t always be in the game and people know it’s a pass play, so he would try to throw a few sprinkles in there where I could block a little bit. But a lot of teams didn’t see that so I feel that’s what I have to show out here.” 

Sullivan spent the past couple weeks polishing his blocking technique in preparation for Senior Bowl week.

“I was out there in California right after the National Champoionship,” he said. “Working on blocking and working on my steps and working on my hand placement….”

He said he was excited to get the chance to show off the work he’s put in since he received the invitation to play in the Senior Bowl. 

“I was ready to get out here and ready to show my tight end skills, that I’m willing to block,” he said. “I’m very excited for this week and I’m looking to see where it gets me.”

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