Joey Chestnut wins 1st ever Fat Boy’s Pizza Championship

Chestnut sets world record eating over six 2-foot slices

Amos Morale III
August 25, 2019 - 3:31 pm

World Champion competitive eater Joey Chestnut won the first ever Fat Boy’s Pizza Championship Sunday afternoon.

Chestnut edged out his other competitors, which included members of the NOLA Gold rugby team and other professional eaters, after consuming a world record six-and-a-half 2-foot slices of Fat Boy’s pizza in 10 minutes.

“The pizza was delicious,” he said. “I found a pretty good rhythm in the beginning and they were going down fast so I was really happy.” 

Chestnut said he got a chance to try the pizza ahead of his customary fast before competitions and said his goal was five slices in the allotted time.”

“Six would be if everything was going well, and I got a little more than six, so I’m really happy,” he said.

Competitive eater Geoffrey Esper took second with six slices.

“He’s a great eater. He’s great with pizza, but I just felt like I had really good technique …and I was feeling really good,” Chestnut said.

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