Joey Chesnut vying for record at Fat Boy's Pizza Eating Championships

Amos Morale III
August 24, 2019 - 11:47 am

Cheese and dough.

Eating a lot of one that will fetch a competitor the other as well as a world record Sunday at the Fat Boy's Pizza Eating Championship.

The event will kick off at 1 p.m.  at Fat Boy’s Pizza in Metairie and eaters will try to put down as many two-foot slices of pizza as they can in 10 minutes.

World champion eater Joey Chesnut is set to compete against a group of challengers with $3,000 on the line.

Chesnut joined Sports Talk with Kristian Garic Friday and talked about the competition. He’s done pizza eating competitions before and it can be hard to find a rhythm in these types of contests.

“You got to make sure that you are taking the right size bites, make sure the bit is big enough that you don’t have to chew too much to swallow. And you gotta be really careful because if you over-stuff your mouth then you have to chew more,” he said.

Chesnut said he got a chance to try the pizza ahead of his customary fast before competitions. 

He told Garic that the Fat Boy’s pizza has more cheese than some others he had. Chesnut thinks this could be an advantage however as it could make the slices easier to eat. 

Sports Talk’s Bobby Hebert and Kristian Garic will be at the event which will include several activities for spectators like a performance from Bag of Donuts, face painting, inflatables, snoballs and of course pizza.

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