Joe Brady hasn't even thought about NFL opportunities, focused on winning a championship

LSU assistant said he hasn't been contacted by any teams

Amos Morale III
January 11, 2020 - 2:51 pm

Before Joe Brady left his job with the New Orleans Saints to become LSU’s passing game coordinator, his former boss, head coach Sean Payton, told him he was making a mistake.

Brady said he didn’t remember having that conversation.

“I don’t know if that’s exactly what he said to me,” Brady said with a laugh. “But if he did, I’m glad I didn’t listen.”

Brady has since become one of college football’s most talked about assistants, after helping Tigers offensive coordinator Steve Ensminger engineer a historic season from the LSU offense, which included breaking multiple records and a Heisman Trophy for quarterback Joe Burrow.

Brady said, however, that nothing has really changed for him despite the success he’s had with the No. 1 Tigers.

“I still go to work and in my mind I’m still a graduate assistant/offensive assistant,” he said. “And what I mean by that is my work ethic...none of that changes for that standpoint.  I go into every game with the same confidence that I had.  The way I work, the way I approach my days, the way I gameplan, the way that I treat the players… nothing’s changed.” 

The only thing that did change for Brady in 2019, and quickly he added, was where he went to work.

“Everything was a blur,” he said of making the move LSU.  “It happened so fast, trying to make a career decision.  So whether he said that, whether he didn’t, I’m grateful that I got this opportunity.  And my time in New Orleans…I wouldn’t be sitting here right now if I wasn’t in New Orleans. 

“Coach Payton and all those guys were tremendous for me.”

Rumors have begun circulating that another career move could be on the horizon for Brady as he’s reportedly drawing interest from NFL franchises as well.

But speaking at LSU’s Media Day Saturday, Brady said he hasn’t been contacted by anyone about other coaching positions, and that he hasn’t given any thought to any other potential job opportunities.  

“For me to think about anything besides winning a National Championship…the thought hasn’t even crossed my mind,” Brady said.  “I’m just excited for Monday and I know after the season, we’ll figure everything out after that.” 

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