Drew Brees hasn't had a game like Monday's since high school

Amos Morale III
December 19, 2019 - 1:02 pm

Drew Brees passed Peyton Manning on the NFL’s career touchdown list Monday night and in the process had one of the best games of his career. 

Brees set the NFL’s record for single game completion percentage as he connected on 29 of 30 pass attempts.  The Pro Bowl quarterback had to think far back to find another game where he was that efficient.

“I think my first junior varsity game in high school,” Brees said.  “I was nine of 10 so there was one incompletion.”

He credited his offensive line and receivers for making great plays as he pointed out a lot had to happen for him to throw just one incompletion.

“Typically throughout the course of a game you're going to have three or four throwaways, right?" Brees said.  "You're going to have maybe a spike or two.  You're going to have a couple of plays where, man, they just make a great play, or man, you just missed the guy, right? 

"That results in seven, eight, nine incompletions a game, right?  Just based on that and that's if everything else goes really, really well."

Brees' stat line in Monday’s game was near perfect as he threw four touchdowns, however, he joked that he noticed even after that performance his passer rating wasn’t a perfect 153.3.

“It's funny, I actually did notice that, but, it's an inexact science, right?” Brees said. “Listen, I'm not worried about what the passer rating was. I'm just glad we got the win and I felt like we improved as a team.” 

Brees made sure to say there was still some “meat on the bone” as the Saints offensively could still improve.

“For the first three quarters it was really good,” he said.  “It was really efficient…listen, it's hard to complain about a bunch, but you're going to try to find the things that you can improve upon.”

Brees pointed to two instances in Sunday’s game where he thought he personally needed to improve.  One was a sequence at the end of the first half, where he felt he managed the clock poorly, and another when the Saints first offensive drive ended in a field goal.

Brees and the Saints will look to improve in those area's as the team heads to Nashville to face the Tennessee Titans Sunday at noon.

"Each opponent requires a different game plan, a different kind of mindset and a different set of keys to victory so to speak and so it presents its own set of challenges," he said. "And so from week to week we've got to execute the plan and overcome those challenges.”


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