Coach Joe Burrow? LSU Tigers imagine life on their QB's team

Amos Morale III
October 15, 2019 - 6:54 pm

After LSU’s 42-28 win against Florida Saturday, Tigers quarterback Joe Burrow spoke to his teammates in the locker room. 

Burrow, who was named the Davey O’Brien Foundation’s National Quarterback of the Week after his three touchdown performance against the Gators, told LSU to not let being good stand in the way of being great.

“It was a big win, but I just wanted to make sure that everyone knew that our goals are still in front of us and we still have a long way to go to get to where we want to get too,” Burrow said. 

LSU head coach Ed Orgeron said he was proud of the leadership his quarterback displayed, but joked with him about the speech.

“Now I told him jokingly I’m glad you are not the head coach, because we’d be practicing tomorrow morning,” Orgeron said. “He was kind of PO’d, but I like that...that’s true leadership.”

Burrow said “absolutely not,” when asked if he would’ve actually made his teammates practice, but several Tigers weren’t so sure about that.

“Coach O hit the nail right on the head,” running back Clyde Edwards-Helaire said Monday. “If it wasn’t for having a mandatory off day, we probably would’ve been practicing yesterday — if it was up to Joe.”

LSU linebacker Jacob Phillips said that’s just the type of person Burrow is. 

“He’s always ready to get better, ready to push his teammates,” he said. “So, Sunday wouldn’t have been a problem for him."

Defensive back JaCoby Stevens described the Heisman Trophy candidate as a "work-a-holic," and imagined that Burrow would be tough on any players he coached.

“If Joe pushed his team like he pushes himself, they would win a lot of championships but…they’d be going through a lot of stuff,” he said with a laugh.

Edwards-Helaire imagined that LSU would be in a similar situation, if Burrow was the head coach except “we probably wouldn’t eat as much crawfish when we do have our off time.”

All of his teammates agreed that his postgame comments were what they needed to hear and that they appreciate having a leader like Burrow. 

“Everybody on this team from top to bottom would run through a brick wall for Joe Burrow,” defensive lineman Breiden Fehoko said.  "For him to come out and say that.  It shows there’s great leadership on this team. It shows that this team is heading in the right direction."

“When you get a player like that stand up like that after a big win… the natural thing is to just sit back and relax. But a guy like Joe...he keeps the team’s head forward.”

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