Zach Strief

ZACH STRIEF - launches a new era in WWL SAINTS Radio history as the NEW “Voice of the Saints.”  The 12-year Saints offensive tackle & 5-time team captain was described by Coach Payton as the “ultimate Saint and teammate.”  And, the man, who led the Saints to their 1st Super Bowl, Drew Brees, is a believer in Zach’s new career path. “He’ll be great,” said Drew.  “He’s a guy who’s well respected in the Saints locker room and community.  There’s not a guy with a better football IQ than Strief.  He’s always been an excellent communicator - and his knowledge of the game is unmatched.”  

Most important- Zach has great chemistry with DEUCE! “If there are any doubters out there, all I have to say is this - never stack the odds against Zach,” said McAllister.  “He’s a 7th round pick, who busted his butt to become one of the best in the league, and has a ring to prove it.”  TEAMMATES again!  

Zach’s from Cincinnati, Ohio.  He graduated from one of America’s most esteemed colleges Northwestern University.  Good man.  Great character.  And, he was smart enough to marry a local girl!