David Blake

David Blake started his radio career while majoring in business in college.

He says he "happened to wander into the campus radio station."

Thinking playing rock and roll music on the radio looked like fun, he was given an opportunity to anchor news to get a taste of radio.

"That job quickly turned to becoming manager of the station and playing DJ at the same time," Blake remembered.

That led him to a job in Mobile, Alabama where his parents were living.

He joined WABB as morning news anchor.

"It stuck for a run of over well over 40 years."

David would later move to B-97 in New Orleans doing news with Cajun Ken.  He then spent nearly a decade with KFI Los Angeles before he just had to get back to the Crescent City.

"New Orleans never left my soul, and after eight years at KFI, it was time to comeback to land of Crawfish and Jazz Fest."

In 1989, he joined with Scoot on Magic 101.9 FM doing morning news and sidekick fun.

WWL was right next door, and Blake made the move to the Big 870 that began nearly three decades of "good fortune at one of the great radio stations in America."