Zoo asking for help feeding animals amid pandemic downturn

Audubon Zoo

Officials at Audubon Zoo in New Orleans are requesting donations to help care for animals as funds dwindle during the economic shutdown.

"COVID-19 has left us in an unprecedented financial situation, but you can change that," Audubon Nature InstituteVice President and Managing Director Steve Marshall said in a letter. "Please donate to the Audubon Recovery Fund today. You can keep our animals happy and healthy while allowing our staff to continue to care for them."

In an email, titled "Our new ocelot needs your help," Marshall asks for contributions.

"Your generosity will support animals like our new ocelot kitten. Born to parents Milagre and Joaquin on May 6, this young feline is growing fast and is starting to show his unique personality. Your gift will buy nutritious food and vital medication for one of our newest additions along with all the other animals you love to visit."

The email also invites everyone to support the zoo by coming to visit.

"Everyone at Audubon – people and animals alike – are so happy that we can welcome you back to the Zoo. Reopening was a momentous occasion. It is our first step on our journey to recovery, but it’s not the last. We still need your help."

The letter ends, "P.S. Please give to the Audubon Recovery Fund today. Milagre, Joaquin, and their young kitten are counting on you."

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