Zach Strief: Will Saints find identity against the Falcons?

Zach Strief
September 23, 2018 - 11:50 am



Rivalries are what make sports great.  What would basketball be without Jordan vs. Bird?  Would Nickolas have been so great to watch without Palmer there to challenge him?  Was watching Mcguire break the HR record great because it was a record being broken, or because he was racing Sosa?  

We all love the Saints.  The Who Dat Nation is alive and well all over the United States.  In times when it often feels like we are being pulled apart as a nation, it’s at the start of the week, on Sunday, when we all pull back together.  There is no greater unifier in the world, than a common enemy.  For a Saints fan, none stronger than the Falcons.  For a Saints team still surrounded by questions, there could be no better place to answer them than here in Atlanta.  

In the Sean Payton era, dominance has been the description of this series.  At one point winning 13 of 16 games.  In the last 4 years however, a sub .500 record against this common foe, has disappointed all Saints fans alike.  Fortunately for all of us, this is a new year, a new season.  

For a team still searching for its identity, what better remedy than the most hated of rivals?  As much as we all loved watching the Falcons surrender a 28-3 lead in the Super Bowl, we would equally love to see our Saints find their footing in week 3 for a second year in a row.  

Today, they have an opportunity to do just that.  

A bruised and battered Falcons squad found a way to win last week against divisional foe Carolina.  This will not be easy, but then again, awesome never is.  It’s time for the Who Dat Nation to come together…unite as we do every week as one.  It’s time to beat the Falcons!!  

Today, join me and by my partner Ole Miss Landshark legend, Deuce McAllister, on the New Orleans Saints Radio Network. 

Programming note:  Remember the Saints fan tradition - turn down your TV & sync up to Saints Radio.  Listen to the broadcast team, who know the Black & Gold best...on 870FM or 105.3FM (or one of our 40 affiliate stations) or online on your desktop or laptop on

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