You can still watch the Saints play in the Super Bowl this Sunday, sort of

February 01, 2019 - 9:25 am


Until the conclusion of the NFC Championship, many throughout Louisiana had plans of watching the Black and Gold this Sunday compete in the Big Game.  However, some sports bars and restaurants are going to make sure those plans stay intact by throwing a watch party of Super Bowl 44, where the Saints became NFL Champions. Owner of Tracey’s in New Orleans, Jeffrey Carraras said it will be a party without this year’s big game.

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“We’ll have a thousand pounds of crawfish for the day, and a band for halftime, and we’re basically going to be showing the Super Bowl between the Colts and the Saints during the actual Super Bowl timeframe,” said Carraras.

Carraras said there will be plenty of activities for Who Dats that may not want to watch any football.

“We’ll have the cornhole going on outside.  We’ll have the Puppy Bowl going all day on Animal Planet.  It’s just going to be a good time and a good celebration to lift our spirits up until next season,” said Carraras

Meanwhile in Lafayette, Smitty’s Wings on Congress Street will watch the encounter between the Saints and the Colts from 2010 and they will treat it like it's a live game.

A packed house will be predicted.  

Even Governor Edwards has chimed in, saying he doesn’t know of anyone in the entire state interested in watching this year’s big game in Atlanta, adding he’ll likely find something on Netflix this Sunday.

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