WWE dominates YouTube searches in Louisiana

Jim Hanzo
January 17, 2020 - 9:15 am



A recent study finds that professional wrestling is the most popular content on YouTube for Louisiana web surfers.  The study was conducted by Frontierbundles.com.

Spokeswoman Elaine Thompson says the research is based on each state’s most searched or subscribed YouTube channel, with WWE picking up the pinfall over everyone else.

“In the top five channels in Louisiana that were being searched for, WWE was number one," Thompson said.  "The other four were Bright Side and Movie Clips (both tied for second), Mr. Beast, and Smosh,” said Thompson.

WWE is tied with Bright Side for the top YouTube channel across the nation. 

Thompson says the Louisiana isn’t alone.  There is a lot of fascination with piledrivers and powerbombs as WWE is the most popular YouTube channel in seven other states.

“Alabama also loves it," said Thompson.  "Actually just a lot of southern states really love it.  Mississippi, Tennessee, and Kentucky all love it.  New York, Rhode Island, and South Carolina.” said Thompson.

Since it began in 2005 YouTube has grown to be the second biggest search engine on the web, only behind Google.  Thompson says it is used mote than Bing, Yahoo, and Ask combined.

“Which is interesting because it is thought of as a video site, and it is," she said.  "People are using it to find information, just like everywhere else.  There are a billion hours of YouTube that are watched every single day.” 

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