Without regional cooperation, New Orleans' more-restrictive phase one may not work

Chris Miller
May 23, 2020 - 5:23 pm

New Orleans has a more restrictive phase one plan than the rest of the state, but it may not actually help.

Casinos are open in Harvey and Kenner, but not in New Orleans. New Orleans restaurants are being asked to hang on to reservation records for three weeks, but plenty of New Orleanians go dine at Jefferson restaurants.

"This is really a regional thing and I think most of the elected officials understand that," said Dr. Joe Kanter with the Louisiana Health Department. "Harrah's is closed but Treasure Chest is now open -- not that far of a drive. People might work there, but live in Orleans."

Dr. Kanter said that how hard New Orleans was hit in the pandemic, he understands why New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell imposed tighter restrictions.

"She wants to feel like she's doing as much as she can," said Dr. Kanter, "and I certainly understand and respect that."

Dr. kanter said you also see a lot of variation from state to state, with widely different rules. He said from a health standpoint, he'd like to see more jurisdictions on the same page, but on the other hand, he notes that there aren't a lot of tested methods to show what does and doesn't work.

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