Winning spirit: An Orgeron wins district seat in LaFourche Parish

Joe Orgeron is famed Coach O’s fourth cousin

Thomas Perumean
July 12, 2020 - 11:11 am
Joe Orgeron is famed Coach O’s fourth cousin

Call it the winning spirit of the Orgerons.

Joe Orgerson, fourth cousin of the LSU Tiger Football coach Ed Orgeron, has won the 54th District seat in the State House of Representatives. 

Orgeron captured 55% of the vote. 

Orgeron, the LaFourche Parish Republican Party President, was good friends with former representative Reggie Bagala. 

Bagala tragic passed as a victim of COVID-19. 

In winning the position, Orgeron has said he wants to continue the push Bagala made in improving schools by paying teachers more, commitments to better infrastructure, including roads, bridges and elevated highways, and coast restoration.

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