Winner of one million dollar Powerball prize misses the deadline

February 23, 2019 - 10:19 am

( - Thursday was the deadline for the owner of a million dollar Powerball ticket to claim their prize. The ticket was sold in New Orleans for the August 25th drawing. 

So did someone show up at Louisiana Lottery headquarters to claim the prize?  Lottery spokesperson Dustin Annison has the answer.

“The deadline was Thursday, the 21st, at 5 PM. The deadline passed and no one came into claim the prize.”

Annison says it’s rare that winnings of this magnitude go unclaimed.  The prize money will now go into the unclaimed prize fund.

“It is returned to players in the form of increased payoffs on scratch-off games and also player promotions throughout the year.”

Annison says the excitement around the lottery headquarters was high as the staff waited to see if anyone would show up in time to claim the prize.

“We were definitely waiting. We put out a news release, we put up reminders on our social media to check your tickets. It is surprising.”

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