It's Cyber Monday, and time to on-line shop for those deals

Jim Hanzo
November 26, 2018 - 8:36 am

Get ready for a big day when it comes on on-line shopping.  

And today is the day to get those great deals on-line and save some big money.  This man said he'll give it a shot on Cyber Monday.  
"Yeah, I can check that out," he said.  "I'll do that before I go to the mall, for sure."

"It's easier and lots of times you get free shipping, I love that," this woman said.  "You can get things in like 2 days, by shopping on-line, so yeah definitely."  

This woman said she'll do it but has to keep it away from her husband.  
"I've got to do it (shop on-line) in secret," she laughed.  "My husband has me on a budget."  
"Oh yeah definitely, today is the day I may shop for things that I normally may not be thinking about," said this lady.   "Looking for the deals."

"I already bought a barbecue pit on-line, today," said this man.  "That was for me but I'll be looking for something for my wife, as well."  

But this woman said she prefers to shop in the brick and mortar stores.

"I like to go in the store, and touch and feel the merchandise, try on the clothes," she said adamantly.  

More people than ever are comfortable shopping on-line and it's expected that 1 in every 6 dollars will be spent shopping that way.  A good bit of that happens today.  

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