Will Kavanaugh be turned down in the Senate?

David Blake
October 01, 2018 - 1:04 pm

As the FBI continues an aggressive investigation into the allegations against Judge Brett Kavanaugh, political experts are wondering about what the final report will show and if it's really going to make any difference.  

University of Lousiana-Lafayatte Professor and political analyst Ryan Teten says the FBI report would have to be explosive to alter the nomination.

''Apart from something super significant coming out that would have the Republicans in the Senate withdraw their support, it's going to be a confirmed thing anyway,'' said Teten.

What about evidence of heavy drinking and moves against women back in high school?

"Does that disqualify somebody from office, even if they have been a judge, well if this was their behavior when they were young that seems like it would, but that's what we don't know, is this is just a partisan show," Teten said.

Teten believes the Republicans have the votes and he believes, barring a bombshell, Kavanaugh will be confirmed.

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