Where are the best Black Friday deals?

November 22, 2018 - 4:57 pm

(WWL.com) - Many shoppers are on the hunt for the best Black Friday deals in an effort to save some scratch when it comes to getting gifts for the people on their holiday shopping list. WalletHub says the average discount this year is around 37%. But analyst for the personal finance website, Jill Gonzales, says some retailers far exceed the average savings.

"You'll find them at Belk which was number one, average discount was 70% off, then also JCPenny, Stage and Kohl's all had discounts above 60% storewide," said Gonzales. 
Gonzales says you'll find jewelry is marked down the most.
"It's also the most marked up, but that's around 70% off this year, apparel and accessories are next best at 50%, especially the cold weather gear," said Gonzales. 
Gonzales says books, movies and music usually have the smallest discounts.
She says many stores have had discounted prices for the last few weeks.  
"They've actually been going on since November 1st, started by Amazon and adopted by many of the Big Box stores," said Gonzales. 
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