Wet weather week ahead

Another cold front on the way

Don Ames
February 17, 2019 - 9:30 am

Another unseasonably warm and muggy Sunday, today, with highs climbing to the upper 70s, and just a 30 percent rain chance later in the day. 

But, a cold front will pass through the area Sunday night, dropping overnight lows to the mid 50s, possibly the 40s, by Monday morning. That'll bring less humid air, and another 30 percent rain chance, mostly near the coast.

Then comes a rainy stretch.

"Yes, we're looking at some scattered to numerous showers," says WWL-TV meteorologist, Chris Franklin. "We'll see a 50 percent chance beginning  on Tuesday, then that chance goes up to 80 percent on Wednesday. Thursday, about a 60 percent chance. We could see anywhere, over the course of those three days, 1 to 3 inches of rain...some minor flooding is possible, though the risk of any severe weather looks to be very low."

Chris says a return flow from the Gulf will force a warm front through by Tuesday, triggering those shower chances.

"Lots of rain is on the way, even into Friday and the start of next weekend," Franklin says. "At times, we're going to see some rounds of heavy rainfall, especially on Wednesday and Thursday, though the greater amounts are going to be a little bit farther north, from a line to Baton Rouge and Macomb and northward from there."

The stalled nearby front and several disturbances riding along the boundary will trigger those higher rain chances and the potential for some minor, localized flooding Wednesday and Thursday. Highs to wrap up the week and get the weekend started will top out around 80. 



Partly sunny skies. Warm and muggy. 30% chance for afternoon showers. High: 79. Winds: S 8-15.


30% chance for spotty showers, getting cooler! Low: S 55, N 52. Winds: SW/NE 6-12.


Few coastal showers, mostly cloudy. Cool temps. Breezy. High: 64. Winds: NE 8-15.


Milder temps. 50% chance for scattered showers. Breezy. Low: S 57, N 53. High: 71.


80% chance for numerous showers and t-storms. Some heavy at times. Breezy. Warm. Low: 66. High: 76.


60% chance for scattered showers and t-storms. Some heavy at times. Very Warm. Low: 67. High: 80.


50% chance for scattered showers. Very warm. Low: 67. High: 80.


50% chance for scattered showers and t-storms. Very warm. Breezy. Low: 67. High: 80.

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