One dead, one injured after overturned vehicle is found in canal the next day

October 02, 2018 - 4:42 pm


One woman is dead and another in the hospital after being trapped in an overturned vehicle stranded in a canal for over 24 hours. Brittany Guillory and Jada Jones, both of Ville Platte, were on the way home early Sunday morning when the vehicle drove off a curve on North Line Road in Port Allen. West Baton Rouge Sheriff spokesperson Lt. Ken Albarez says the car struck some trees in its path.

"It caused them to go into a spin and then the car began to go end over end and then ultimately turned upside down and it landed in the bottom of a canal," says Albarez.

Officials recovered the victims from the canal Monday afternoon after two friends of the girls, Catera Ned and Alexander Chinn went on the hunt for them and eventually found them. Albarez says he believes divine intervention lead them to the vehicle.

"There was no clues, no damage, no skid marks, nothing that you could have seen and said 'Oh, yeah! Let me go look down in this twenty foot of ditch and see if this is where this car is at,' absolutely not," says Albarez.

Albarez considers the friends that put in the effort to find the two, to be heroes.

"Catara (Ned) and Alexander (Chinn), those two young people, there's hope in the world. Two young people that just said, 'You know what, I've got to find my friend,' and they stuck to it and they found her," says Albarez.

Guillory died in the accident. Jada Jones survived and continues to recover from her injuries.

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