We're past the statistical peak of an extremely active hurricane season

September 11, 2017 - 2:28 pm

(WWL) -- We have moved past the statistical peak of what has been a very active 2017 Atlantic hurricane season. State Climatologist Barry Keim says there’s already been 11 named storms.

“Note that an average season only has about 12 named storms. So we’ve already had 11 in a half of season andif we continue on like that, we’ll be on tract for 22 named storms this season.”

22 named storms would rank among the second busiest in history, falling short of the 2005 record of 28. Keim says it’s likely we will proceed earlier predictions of this hurricane season. But he says right now, it looks as if things are calming down compared to last week.

“When you get storms like this tracking across the breeding grounds, they stir the water up a little bit, help maybe cool things down a little bit. Take a little bit of life out of the atmosphere so I suspect we may have a quiet period at least for the next week or two.”

Keim says even with Irma turning into a tropical storm and Jose not looking like much of a threat, we cannot let our guard down.

“Still like I said a half of season in front of us. Things can change very, very quickly in this business so just stay prepared, still a lot of hurricane season out in front of us.”

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