Were cops acting properly in the Canal Street shootout?

David Blake
February 19, 2019 - 1:15 pm

The investigation into the Canal Street shooting in which five innocent bystanders were wounded Sunday night remains in the early stages, but some people are already drawing negative conclusions about actions of police officers.
Former New Orleans Police Superintendent and now Loyola Professor Ronal Serpas says cops are trained to know that a fleeing suspect might do anything to avoid capture.

''100 miles per hour in a car, jump over buildings and that might be closest thing to television policing that we can see, when someone knows they are going to jail for the rest of their life they will resist,'' Serpas said.

WWL talk show host and former Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Normand points out a suspect will take any risk necessary in order to flee being captured and he wants the public to remain calm at this time.

''Let the officers investigate this thing and lets see what ultimately happens,'' Normand said.

Authorities hope ballistics testing will answer some of the questions, including who fired the bullets that inured each person.

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