Weekend showers not expected to impact river flooding

Don Ames
December 29, 2018 - 11:28 am

Most rivers on the Northshore and in Mississippi have already crested and are beginning to fall.

"It looks like, through the course of the weekend, most of the rivers will be dropping back below flood stage," says WWL-TV meteorologist Chris Franklin. "At the very latest, by the middle part of next week, all rivers should be back below flood stage."

A cold front that entered the area Friday will continue to creep back northward today, triggering a 60 percent chance for mostly light rain. A few embedded heavier showers are possible. Those showers will move, though, and not lead to a great deal of accumulation. 

The front will push north as a warm front on Sunday, with highs in the upper 60s and a 50 percent chance for afternoon showers. 

Tailgating for the Saints game should be okay, with only a passing shower," says Franklin. 

A return flow from the Gulf and an approaching cold front will bring a 70 percent chance for showers and storms New Year's Eve...possibly ending before midnight. 

The new year begins cooler, with highs in the 60s, but still wet. A much stronger front pushes through on Thursday morning.


Cloudy skies, with fog and mist. 60% chance for showers. High: 60. Winds: NE 6-12.


Cloudy skies, cool temps. 40% chance for scattered showers. Fog. Low: S 58, N 56. Winds: NE 5-10.


Cloudy, milder temps. 50% chance for showers. High: 69. Winds: NE 6-12.


Warm and breezy. 70% chance for showers and storms. Some heavy. Low: S 66, N 65. High: 77.


50% chance for showers. Cooler, breezy. Low: S 58, N 57. High: 63.


Much cooler. Windy and stormy at times. 80% chance for showers and storms. Low: S 52, N 50. High: 57.


70% chance for morning showers, storms...then clearing. Colder and windy. Low: S 43, N 40. High: 51.


Mostly sunny skies! Chilly temps. Breezy. Low: S 40, N 34. High: 58.

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