We love to spend money on ourselves, according to research

On average we spend $199 each month on pampering ourselves

Jim Hanzo
April 22, 2019 - 11:21 am

A poll out suggests that we love to pamper ourselves.   How much?   Americans spend on average 199 dollars a month or a little over 23 hundred a year on that disposable income.  

Robert Bute Financial Advisor  for Destiny Investments in Metairie says that is absolutely true.  

"That's reasonable when you look at the area that we live in, it would be fair to say, this is not Dallas/Fort Worth, or Miami, Atlanta where they may have a little income, so around here, around 2, 3 maybe even as high as 400, depending on the individual," said Bute.  

And what are those nonessential items we're talking about?  

"Traveling, going out to dinner, spending time with a family member that may be away," he said.  "And it's different for everybody but generally that's what we look at."    

Men and women are different.  Hobbies for men.  For women it's personal care on themselves.

But he says a penny saved is a penny earned and it's his job to make sure they have money later on. 

"We want to make sure that they can get through their retirement that'll will take them there for a lot of years," Bute added.   

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