Way too cold this morning for many downtown

Workers say you have to 'layer up' to stay warm

Jim Hanzo
November 13, 2019 - 8:36 am



It's a bitter cold morning and workers downtown are bundled up for the day.   We bundled up went out and talked to some of the early workers downtown.  

"It is really, really extremely cold this morning," said one early worker downtown.  "I probably want to be hibernating this morning." 

This man delivering papers said it feels great.
"It's fantastic, I love it," he said.  "I prefer this any day, twice on Sunday to the hot weather."    

"It is so cold," another man said.  "Hopefully it doesn't rain any time soon.  That would be awful in this freezing cold weather."  

So how does one stay warm today?

"Definitely staying inside and drinking lots of coffee," said another worker. 

"You have to dress in layers, layer it up is the only way," said another.  

It won't get a whole lot warmer but we'll see some sun and that will help. 

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