Water testing underway for New Orleans

Mayor hopes to know something more by Saturday afternoon

Chris Miller
January 19, 2018 - 10:21 am

New Orleans Mayor Landrieu said Friday that enough pressure has built up in the city's water mains that health officials can begin collecting samples. The mayor said results should be available "within 24 hours."

"The testing for water quality has begun," Landrieu said during a mid-day briefing. "We have high enough water pressure in all parts of the Eastbank for them to continue to do the testing that they have started already."

The mayor asked residents to please continue conserving water in the meantime while pressure builds up. Landrieu noted that the freezes are over so no one needs to drip their faucets overnight. He also reiterated that the Algiers water system remains unaffected.

The mayor also urged water customers to check their pipes, noting that just because there's water coming from the faucet, it doesn't mean there couldn't be a leak somewhere else.


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