Water main repair work called unsuccessful, will try next week

30-inch water main in levee will likely need replacement

Thomas Perumean
August 01, 2020 - 1:04 pm

Kenny Kuhn - WWL


Efforts at fixing a 30-inch water main buried in a levee were not successful and now New Orleans Sewerage and Water Board is faced with more extensive work.  

The pipe is located on Marconi Drive inside an underground vault.  

The 30-inch main mostly serves the areas bounded by the 17th Street Canal, the Orleans Canal, Interstate 610 and Lake Pontchartrain.

Water pressure is stable, so vast areas of Eastern and Southern New Orleans have escaped having to boil water for the time being.  

Sewerage and Water Board has begun preparations for a more extensive approach next week, which may include replacing the damaged section of pipe.

The previous two days saw S&WB crews worked on the damaged water main which is housed in a vault within the Orleans Canal levee.

Crews learned the pipe would need extensive repair in place so not to drop pressure and cause a boil water advisory.  

But attempts at the repair fell short as the work would require a more extensive and larger repair.  

S&WB had approached the challenging repair with the understanding that they may encounter this more serious condition. 

Plans are now underway to make the fixes in the coming week.  


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