Watch: Hall of Famer Morten Andersen gets emotional as he remembers Tom Benson

Chris Miller
March 22, 2018 - 1:34 pm

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

One of the greatest players to wear a fleur-de-lis, Hall of Fame kicker Morten Andersen, paid his last respects to Tom Benson today. Andersen got a little emotional as he reminisced about his time with the Saints and his memories of Benson.

"Mr. Benson and I had a really good, trusting relationship, and I'm sad," Andersen said after he came out of Notre Dame Seminary, where public visitation was held for two days. "We should just celebrate him."

Andersen said he'll always remember Benson from the weekend in Canton, Ohio, when a statue was unveiled at the Pro Football Hall of Fame in honor of the Saints owner and his donation that made possible the extensive renovation of Fawcett Stadium, now known as Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium.

"He was laughing, he was happy, and that's how I want to remember him, you know, with an umbrella in the Superdome, dancing and doing the 'Benson Boogie.' We should celebrate a life well lived."

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