Watch Alvin Kamara's insane workout

Amos Morale III
July 14, 2020 - 2:51 pm

By now, Saints coaches are used to seeing Alvin Kamara do unbelievable things on and off the field.

The running back has been one of the NFL’s most productive players the past three seasons and when taking a look at videos of his offseason workouts, like the one released by his trainer Monday, it’s easy to see why. 

In a short clip Kamara can be seen balancing him self on a ball while alternating between catching multicolored sticks and essentially juggling tennis balls.

Saints running backs coach Joel Thomas said back in June, that these types of workouts are part of the reason the Pro Bowler is such a special talent.

“He's always trying to find ways to tweak and find a way to be cutting edge, yet it's something that's going to make him and our offense better,” Thomas said. “I enjoy getting the videos and all that stuff every once and a while of all the things that he's doing to stay on that level.”

Not all of the former third-round picks workouts draw that same reaction from his coaches as sometimes they worry, Kamara might be doing a little too much. 

“There was a video a year or two ago, I guess it was a year ago maybe of Alvin, he was carrying a bunch of weight and pulling a truck and stuff like that,” Saints strength and conditioning coach Dan Dalrymple said with a laugh. “I got a little nervous on that. That looks a little scary so let's make sure we don't hurt ourselves here.”

Still, Kamara’s coaches are confident in the work the running back does in the offseason.

“He's a guy that knows the limits, where to push them and when to back it off as well,” Thomas said.

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