Voice of the Saints' brew business launches Steve Gleason beer today

"Soft release" at Cooter Brown's, wider release on Monday

Chris Miller
August 17, 2018 - 10:57 am

Port Orleans Brewing Company, the craft beer business founded by Voice of the New Orleans Saints and former offensive lineman Zach Strief is set to launch a new EPA named in honor of former Saints player Steve Gleason. Gleason IPA will be available tonight at Cooter Brown's Tavern on S. Carrollton, then gets a wider release on draft Monday.

Part of the proceeds from Gleason EPA goes to the Team Gleason Foundation, which helps provide patients of neuromuscular diseases new technology to make it easier to live their lives. Gleason suffers from ALS. and now relies on a wheelchair for movement, and a computer to help him speak.

"We had met with Team Gleason...and said, 'you know, we'd really like to do a beer for Team Gleason and kind of name it and brand it as Team Gleason's beer,'" said Strief.

Strief said Team Gleason was involved in helping create the beer and its brand image and marketing.

"Hopefully it takes off and becomes wildly successful," said Strief.

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