Veteran's Job Fair today at Mercedes Benz Superdome features special focus

Extra effort to help military spouses find careers

Thomas Perumean
August 22, 2019 - 5:23 am

Getty Images - StacyRevere

"Through a recent initiative we really wanted to highlight the military spouse, with the unemployment rate of 25%, being double of what the national average is."  

Jen Hadac, a US Navy Veteran, is the Event Director for Recruit Military.   The group is also focusing efforts on the more than 600,000 military spouses in the United States who are unemployed and/or underemployed in their professional careers. 

Hadac explains a new partnership with Google is helping spouses find new and rewarding careers.  "We recently partnered with Google and they have a new job search tool within our job board that is available to assist military spouses to explore over eight-thosuand work options."

A military spouse is a special kind of person who, as Hadac states, "Many of the attributes that you find in the military professional, integrity, accountability, initiative, resilience, all of those skills are transferred to the military spouse."

This free event for veterans, military spouses, transitioning military, National Guard members and Reservists and features employers ready to hire. 

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