Very disappointed Saints fans react to the game vs Rams

Jim Hanzo
September 16, 2019 - 8:42 am



Drews Brees gets injured, a questionable call by the officials, and a loss to the Rams that many fans thought the Saints would win. 

Who Dats reacted after the game was over.

"Any time your starting quarterback goes down, no matter what team you are, it's going to be an uphill battle, and especially losing somebody like Drew Brees," one man said when the game was over. 

"I'm very disappointed, obviously losing Drew is a huge blow to the team and I guess the rest of the guys have to rally around this injury and see what we can do," this Saints fan stated. 

"It's hard to see, it's hard to watch, but also it gives us a chance to see what it might be after after he (Brees) retires," said this Saints fan. 

Saints fans also reacted to a controversial call when Cam Jordan picked up an apparent fumble and raced for a touchdown, only to find out the refs blew the play dead.  

"It just seems like the refs are not on our side," this lady said.  "I mean this has been 3 games now where the same thing has happened."   

So does this man think the referees lost the game for the Saints?

"I don't think they lost it for us but they certainly changed the momentum of the game at a crucial time," he said.  

Now the Saints will spend the week on the west coast as they prepare for the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday. 

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