US Senator Kennedy asks Governor Edwards to pass the budget crisis to someone else

June 13, 2018 - 7:40 am


US Senator John Kennedy is calling on Governor John Bel Edwards to step down due to his handling of the state’s fiscal cliff. Kennedy, who is reportedly readying up a run for the Governor’s Mansion, says the legislature’s inability to find a long-term solution to the budget crisis come down to a lack of leadership from Edwards. The Republican called for the Lt. Governor to take over the state.

“If Governor Edwards can’t do this Job, he needs to step aside, He needs to turn it over to Billy. Let Nungesser take a shot at it.”

Kennedy made his comments in an interview with KPEL news talk radio in Lafayette.  
The Administration responded, saying “He hasn’t passed a single bill since being elected to the Senate, but has an infinite amount of time to do media interviews. We could similarly ask him to step down for being the most ineffective member of Congress, but that’d be nothing out of the ordinary as he’s run for every political office under the sun.”

Kennedy says the Governor has allowed the state budget to balloon, despite a lagging local economy. He says Edward’s inability to cut waste and reign in cost is because he’s a “Liberal Democrat”.

“He hadn’t done anything to control labor cost. He hadn’t done anything to cut the waste. He hadn’t done anything to control pension costs. He hadn’t done anything to control health care costs.”

Edwards has fought with House GOP members over just how much should be raised to fill the budget gap. The governor supports a half-penny sales tax that would fully fund the government, while some House Republicans favor a third penny sales tax that would require 126 million in cuts. Kennedy says Edwards was negligent to reject the House Republican’s offer.

“He threw a tantrum and said no, I want $650 million or I am going to shut the government down. Well, grow up, you know, you don’t always get what you want.”

Edwards’ Spokesperson Richard Carbo says “Sen. Kennedy’s absurdity knows no limits, and Gov. Edwards isn’t going to be distracted by childish comments or letters from our junior senator. More people are working in Louisiana than ever before, unemployment is at a 10-year low and we are scoring the biggest economic development deals in our state’s history. That’s what can happen when you focus on the job you have.”

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