NOLA: #1 in roads, buildings per population!

New study breaks down livability by available space and population

Thomas Perumean
July 09, 2019 - 1:11 pm

New Orleans comes in ninth place in a new study of 15 American cities.  

The criteria Geotab used determined livability by depicting the allocation of space that an individual resident would receive if a city was divided equally by its population.  Based on a city's urban footprint, New Orleans ranked among the top 10 least liveable cities.  

NOLA, with a population of 393,292, was found to be the city with the largest area of roads per person (1,453 sq ft) as well as the city with the largest plot of buildings per person (1,412 sq ft).  

Geotab, based in Toronto, Canada, calls itself the world’s leading connected vehicle company for smart city and fleets.  

According to their report, Washington D.C. was found to be the only city that had a larger plot of green space per person (592 sq ft) than roads (495 sq ft) or buildings (542 sq ft).

Breaking down Geotab's report across all catagories of green space, roads, and buildings, Atlanta took the top spot as the most livable.  Dallas came in second, Portland third, New Orleans finished ninth behind Baltimore and ahead of San Francisco.   

To take a look at Geotab's interactive report click here.

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