United Cajun Navy: "Michael devastation worse than Katrina."

October 17, 2018 - 8:58 am


The United Cajun Navy is on location in Landhaven and Panama City Florida, sites of mass destruction in the wake of Hurricane Michael. It’s been a week since the storm passed, and official say it could be months before power and services are restored. United Cajun Navy Founder Todd Terrell says he’s never seen devastation this bad before.

“Oh, the damage is worse than Katrina. The issue here is there was a lot of just, leveling, it was flattened. Mexico Beach? It was flattened.”

The storm came ashore as nearly a Category Five.

Communications have been sporadic in the disaster zone, and teams in the area have expressed difficulty coordinating relief efforts. Terrell says most cell service is spotty, at best.

“There is hardly any phone service. AT&T and is working but Verizon is down. So, really a lot of people don’t know the devastation because you cannot get in or out to the outside world.”

The United Cajun Navy Founder says unlike past storms, Michael flattened so much territory that there is very little local infrastructure left, and even fewer surrounding communities capable of lending a helping hand to survivors. Terrell says the people of the Panhandle are in serious need of assistance.

“Right now it’s basically food or water or even MREs. People are begging for MREs right now, and when you beg for an MRE, it’s pretty rough.”

Terrell says the Cajun Navy is taking donations to assist Floridians suffering from a lack of supplies.

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