U. of Texas denies knowledge of LSU locker A/C issues

WWL Newsroom
September 10, 2019 - 1:46 pm

Ronald Cortes/USA TODAY Sports


The University of Texas claims LSU Coach Ed Orgeron’s comments about the visitor’s locker room having no air conditioning were the first time they were made aware of the issue, but Orgeron said he had been warned about the situation before the Fighting Tigers arrived.

"I called Louisiana Tech, they told us about it so we did some things in the dressing room that were better.  It wasn’t great, but it was better," said Orgerson. "At least we had air in there.  They didn’t have air, we had some blowers in there."

Temperatures peaked at 103 for Saturday’s game in Austin that saw the Tigers win 45-38.  Orgeron says the humidity was not as bad as it is typically in Louisiana.

"I think the humidity was 23 percent, it wasn’t like Louisiana, but our guys did cramp up in the second half," the coach said. "We talked about it as a staff that we need to give some IVs, more IVs at halftime."

Orgeron says despite the best efforts to combat the effects of the heat, many of the players began to cramp up.

"To prevent that, more guys will get IVs at halftime, obviously with a doctor’s approval," said Orgeron.

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