Two tropical waves 'no threat' to Louisiana


The National Hurricane Center is watching two tropical waves in the Atlantic Basin.  One is near Puerto Rico, the other southwest of the Cabo Verde Islands off the coast of Africa.

Do we, In Louisiana, have to be concerned about either of the features on the tropical map?

"We do not," said WWL TV Meteorologist Dave Nussbaum. "No threat to us, which is good news."

He says while the one further away has a better chance of becoming a tropical depression or Tropical Storm Chantal, it is not forecast to get anywhere near the Gulf of Mexico.

"If you are going to Bermuda, you may have to watch that one is a week and a half or so... but that's about it."

Hurricane Specialist David Zelinsky at the National Hurricane Center says while the closer wave has only a ten percent chance of development, it is forecast to bring stormy weather to some of the Caribbean and Florida.

"This disturbance is forecast to move northwestward to northward during the next several days, producing locally heavy rainfall over portions of the Greater Antilles, the Bahamas, and Florida. Conditions could become marginally conducive for development over the weekend while the system turns northeastward off the southeast U.S. coast."

As for the second wave, he says it has a 50% chance of development way out at sea over the next five days.

"Upper-level winds are forecast to gradually become more conducive, and a tropical depression could form by early next week several hundred miles east of the Lesser Antilles," Zelinsky explained.

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