Two St. Tammany deputies arrested in separate drug cases

Chris Miller
October 27, 2017 - 1:09 pm

The St. Tammany Parish Sheriff's office reports it has arrested two of its own deputies, in separate drug investigations.

Deputy Kenneth Szalajeski is accused of two counts of distributing marijuana and malfeasance in office. According to the indictment, Deputy Szalajeski, age 35, seized marijuana from a suspect, and later sold it to someone else.

The sheriff fired Szalajeski and arrested him Thursday.

In the other case, a grand jury indicted narcotics investigator Jordan Anthony Hollenbeck, age 33, on three counts of malfeasance in office, accusing Hollenbeck of establishing "a relationship with an illegal prescription pill distributor in order to unlawfully receive narcotics for consumption." The charges state Hollenbeck did this in his capacity as a narcotics investigator for the sheriff's office.

Hollenbeck is also accused of passing information from one or more confidential informants to a drug dealer, on at least two occasions, for personal gain.

The sheriiff's office says Hollenbeck has also been fired and arrested.

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