You'll need to rescan your TV today if you use an antenna

Chris Miller
January 15, 2020 - 11:04 am

A change in how the government portions out digital airwave frequencies takes effect today, meaning if you've cut the cord, you need to take some setup steps with your TV again. 

The Federal Communications Commission is adjusting how the digital spectrum of frequencies is being used, to make better use of wireless communications, so TV stations in New Orleans today are changing their frequencies. So just like when you set your TV up, you need to have it run a channel scan.

"If you use an antenna, your TV needs to be retrained, if you will, to find the TV channel on its new frequencies," said Jean Kiddoo with the FCC. "This is essentially the same things that viewers had to do when they set up their TVs with an antenna in the first place. They had to scan and find all the local channels."

Kiddoo says the channel numbers on your TV will all stay the same: "They're not changing their channels but their frequencies and the airwaves are changing."

Cable and satellite subscribers won't have to do anything.

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